Apply for a school bus pass

Useful information before completing the form

  • Every new application requires a photograph of the child applied for. If you have a recent passport quality photo of your child please have it ready to upload. If this is a renewal application, only include a photograph of your child if you would like it updated
  • You will need to know the national insurance number of the applicant before you complete this form
  • If this application is being made for the new school year commencing next September please do not expect your child’s pass until late August.
  • If you are applying for the equivalent cost of a bus pass, your child must qualify for assistance with travel to school and you will only be awarded the full year amount of applying before the first half term of the academic year.
  • You can also complete this form over the phone by ringing 01484 416982
Is this a renewal or a new application?
Is this a renewal or a new application?
Parent or guardian details

Pupil details
School details

Permanant home address

Change of address

Low income families

Alternative travel arrangement

Additional information


I certify that the information given on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I will notify the council immediately of any changes in my circumstances. I take responsibility for my child abiding by the conditions imposed by the Transport Company set out on the reverse of the School card (bus pass). I understand that assistance may be withdrawn if my child’s behaviour on the school transport is unacceptable, and that I will have to pay for a replacement pass and any fares incurred whilst this is processed, if the pass is lost, defaced or stolen. I take responsibility for returning the School card (bus pass) within one week, if my child is unable to use it (for medical reasons / extended holiday etc) or at the request of the Customer Exchequer Service and. I also take responsibility for any financial loss caused to the Council through the loss, improper use or non-return of a School Card or any improper claim for expenses.

I am aware that the information supplied on this form will be recorded on computer systems and shared between Kirklees Council, Metro (West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive) and Payne Security (card printer). I understand that Kirklees Council may check council records to confirm eligibility, including Housing and Council Tax Benefit records/Free School Meals and School Admissions.

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Do you agree with the above statement
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