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Review your claim


  • Please complete this form if you have received a letter asking you to review your claim for housing benefit and/or council tax reduction.
  • You need to provide an answer to all the questions.
  • You will be asked to submit evidence for some of the questions. If you do not have the evidence at the moment or cannot upload it please complete the form anyway. Further information on how to send us your evidence is shown at the end of the form.

Declaration and signature



Please read this declaration carefully.
I understand the following:
  • If I give information that is incorrect or incomplete, you may take action against me. This may include a financial penalty or court action.
  • You will use the information I provide to process my claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, or both.
  • You may check some of the information with other sources as allowed by the law.
  • You may use any information I provide in connection with this and any other claim for Department for Work and Pensions benefits that I have made or may make. You may give some information to other organisations, such as government departments, local authorities and private-sector companies such as banks and organisations that may lend me money, if the law allows this.
  • You may share any of the information I provide with other departments within the council in accordance with the law and data protection.
  • I know I must let the council know about any change in my circumstances including changes to Department for Work and Pensions benefits which might affect my claim.
  • If Housing Benefit is paid to my landlord on my behalf I acknowledge that I still have a responsibility to inform the Council of any changes that may affect my Housing Benefit claim.
It is an offence not to tell us about any change of circumstance that affects your benefit. We may take court action against you, or you may have to pay a penalty, or other action may be taken against you and if we pay you too much benefit, you will probably have to pay it back.
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